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Chrome Box
Box Set

Originally Released 1982
Subterannean Records

Re-released 1996
Cleopatra Records (US)
Cat. No. CLP 9770-2 (3 CD set)
(The CD release is substantially different)

Chrome_Box.JPG (8768 bytes)
This is a six record boxed set including re-releases of Alien Soundtracks, Half Machine Lip Moves, Blood on the Moon, and three new records, No Humans AllowedThe Chronicles I and The Chronicles II.

Box set includes 6 LPs in plain white paper sleeves and a one-sided monochrome insert with credits and discography.  There should also be a sheet with Subterranean's mail-order catalog on it for completeness.

John & Hillary credited for Blood on the Moon and The Chronicles.
Betsy Hill for Cello on Gehenna to Canaan.
Fabienne for backing vocals on Wings and lead vocals at end of Ghenna.

The included discography lists the following films & videos:

  1. 1980 New Age (video)
  2. 1980 New Age (b&w film)
  3. 1980 Meet you in the subway (b&w film)
  4. 1981 Danger Zone (color film)
  5. 1981 The Need (video)
  6. 1981 live concert film
  7. 1982 Firebomb (video)

Alien Soundtrack Notes: On this pressing spelling is different for Pygmies in Zee Dark, but they spelled ST37 as "ST S7".   Helios is credited as co-producer..

Half Machine notes: On this pressing Abstract Nympho is spelled correctly  and Helios is credited as co-producer.

Cleopatra's re-release is substantially different than the original Box.  Some of the tracks are missing from the original albums and other material is added.  One of these days I'll note the differences...

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