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Half Machine Lip Moves

Originally Released 1979
Siren Records (U.S.)

Re-released August 1980
Beggar's Banquet (UK)

Re-Released 1981
Beggar's Banquet (Italy)
Cat. No. EX13

Re-released 1988
Dossier Records (Germany)
Vinyl Cat. No. ST -6-
CD Cat. No. DCD 9009 (w/ The Sureal Rock)

Re-Released 199_
w/ Alien Soundtracks
Touch-N-Go Records (US)
#58 (CD)
#___ (Cassette)
#___ (Vinyl)

Half_Machine_Lip_Moves.JPG (23902 bytes)
Siren Release

Half Machine_Dossier.JPG (19535 bytes)
Dossier release

Side A
  1. T.V. as Eyes 2:16
    E music C words S music
  2. Zombie Warfare (Can’t let you down) 5:47
    E music & words C music
  3. March of the Chrome Police (A Cold Clammy Boming) 3:36
    E music & words
  4. You’ve been Duplicated 2:37
    E music & words C music
  5. Mondo Anthem 3:30
    E music C music & words S music

Side B

  1. Half Machine Lip Moves 5:21
    E music & words C music & words
  2. Astract Nympho (Astract Nymphd on Italian) 3:34
    E music & words C music & words
  3. Turned Around 1:58
    E music C music & words
  4. Zero Time 3:02
    E music C music & words
  5. Creature Eternal 1:52
    E music & words C music & words
  6. Critical Mass 2:00
    E music & words C music

E - Edge C- Creed S- Spain

US pressing includes 19-3/4 x 15" monochrome poster w/ lyrics and credits.
John L. Cyborg credited for "Data Memory" on the poster.  Some posters printed with magenta ink, others with black.

Note: Helios was not credited on the Italian record for You've Been Duplicated.  Abtract Nympho mis-spelled on Italian pressing as Abstract Nymphd.

The original Siren pressings had a sticker on the shrink wrap showing the names of the songs:

Half-Machine_Sticker.JPG (18704 bytes)Thanks to Christophe Sorro for scan.

Note that there have been at least two different molds made for the Siren pressing.   It is unknown at this point whether they were mastered differently or not, although it is reported that the "S-6420" pressing was done on heavier vinyl than the "L-1736" version.

Real Nerdy Matrix Info:
Siren Pressing #1 (?):   DE-333-SEC-A     L-1735     /   DE-333-SEC-B     L-1735-X

Siren Pressing #2 (?):   DE 333 SEC-A      S-6420   /    DE 333 SEC-B      S-6421
Expanded pressing:      EX 13-2L       DD     3-12-81   /    EX 13-1L      DD     3-12-81
Dossier Pressing:         DOSSIER     ST -6- A     SST / DOSSIER    ST -6- B     SST

Dossier "first pressing" on clear vinyl.  I don't believe there were any additional pressings, so they are all on clear vinyl as far as I know. 

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