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Alien Soundtracks

Originally Released 1977
Siren Records (U.S.)
DE 2100/2200 SEC

Re-Released 1983
Expanded Music (Italy)

Re-released ?
Dossier Records (Germany)
Vinyl Cat. No. ST -7-
CD Cat. No. DCD 9011 (w/ Alien Soundtracks II)

Re-Released 1990
Touch-N-Go Records (US)
CD #57
CD #58 (w/ Half Machine Lip Moves)
Cassette #?

Alien_Soundtracks.JPG (26073 bytes)
Siren release

Alien_T&G.JPG (37168 bytes)
Touch-N-Go release


Chrome's second release also had a variety of inserts, as well as some exceedingly rare promotional materials.


Insert 1A Insert 1B Insert 2A Insert 2B

It appears that the first insert (the story of Pat Stevens) seems to have been included with most if not all of the Siren releases.  Some of them have the text "THE STORY OF" added with a rubber stamp, others do not have the stamp.  The second insert was in a copy that Paul H. Williams purchased back when it was released.  (Above inserts from the collection of Paul H. Williams.)

Both the Siren and Expanded releases were issued with an inner sleeve with lyrics, credits, and a cool picture of the band playing.  The later re-releases did not have this inner sleeve.

The Siren pressing has been released with black labels (grey text)  and with white labels (black text).  There are also heavy-weight vinyl (165 grams) and lighter weight versions.  My copy has the black labels and is on the 165g vinyl.  It appears the that white labeled versions are of a more typical weight (115g), although there may be exceptions.   


Side A

  1. Chromosome Damage (3:42)
  2. The Monitors (2:23)
  3. All Data Lost (3:22)
  4. SS Cygni (3:38)
  5. Nova Feedback (5:58)

Side B

  1. Pigmies in Zee Park (6:07)
  2. Slip it to the Android (4:01)
  3. Pharoah Chromium (3:28)
  4. ST37 (2:12)
  5. Magnetic Dwarf Reptile (3:30)

Produced and engineered by Damon Edge
All songs chrome music (ASCAP)

L - John Lambdin - guitars violin bass
S - Gary Spain - bass, violin, glass synths, vocal on ST37
C - Helios Creed - guitars, vocals, bass
E - Damon Edge - drums, moogs, tapes, etc

Nerdy matrix info:
Siren Pressing:          DE 2100 SEC    /   DE 2200 SEC (on very heavy vinyl)
Expanded pressing:  EX-16-A   /   EX-16-2

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