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Subterranean Modern
Compilation LP

Released August 1979
Ralph Records (US)

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Side A
  1. Chrome:  Anti-Fade 3:52
  2. Chrome:  (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco 0:27
  3. Chrome:  Meet You in the Subway 5:15
  4. MX-80 Sound:  Lady in Pain 2:49
  5. MX-80 Sound:  (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco 1:52
  6. MX-80 Sound:  Possessed 4:54

Side B

  1. The Residents:  (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco 2:02
  2. The Residents:  Dumbo the Clown (Who loved Christmas) 2:07
  3. The Residents:  Is He Really Bringing Roses? (The Replacement) 2:34
  4. The Residents:  Time’s Up 2:54
  5. Tuxedomoon:  (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco 1:03
  6. Tuxedomoon:  Everything You Want 4:14
  7. Tuxedomoon:  Waterfront Seat 4:28

Chrome songs produced by Damon Edge
Published by Chrome Music (ASCAP)

John L. Cyborg, Helios Creed, Damon Edge, Gary Spain

Some records have sticker on cover stating "Featuring the Residents playing music especially for this album".

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