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Read Only Memory
12" EP

Released 1979
Siren Records (US)
DE-SEC 444

Red Records (UK)
RS 12-002

Note: Sleeve sticker states "Manufactured and distributed by Red Records", with both Siren and Red Records catalogue numbers.    I don't believe that a "pure" Siren issue was released.

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Side A
  1. You Can’t See Them - They Can’t touch You 3:16
  2. Inacontact 5:35
  3. Read Only Memory 1:06

Side B

  1. In Front of the Crowd (1:10)
  2. I am the Jaw (9:24)

With 12.5" x 17.25" monochrome poster

All songs written & performed by Damon Edge  and Helios Creed
Produced by Damon Edge
More  credits on poster

Some copies were pressed with the A side label on both sides of the record.

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