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Blood on the Moon

Released May 1981
Siren Records (US)
(Not sure if this exists...)

Don't Fall off the Mountain (UK)
Cat. No. X6

Re-released 19__
Dossier Records (Germany)
Cat. No. ________ Clear Vinyl

Re-released 1988
w/ Eternity
Dossier Records (Germany)
Cat. No. DCD 9006 (CD)

Blood_on_the_Moon.JPG (26987 bytes)
It is reported that the Siren release had a folded 12 x 24 inner picture sleeve with lyrics.  I have never seen a Siren release however.   Someone please tell me if you have an actual Siren Records copy, or the 12 x 24 insert.

The first pressing of the UK version included an inner picture sleeve with graphics similar to the cover with lyrics and credits. These first  pressings had blue colored labels on the vinyl.   It appears that later pressings had a plain white inner sleeve and magenta colored labels.

Some copies included a 8-1/4 x 11-1/2 b&w insert featuring the artwork of some of Chrome's other releases and addresses for information and distribution in the US and UK.  The strange thing is that this insert has an image of No Humans Allowed which wasn't released until the next year. This same insert was also issued in a promotional pack by Subterranean Records.  

Blood_Insert.JPG (11189 bytes) Blood_Label1.JPG (10141 bytes)
Insert Blue Label Magenta Label


The CD release featured the cover artwork of Eternity, but did include lyrics for both albums.

Side A

  1. The Need
  2. Innervacuum
  3. Perfumed Metal
  4. Planet Strike
  5. The Strangers

Side B

  1. Insect Human
  2. Out of Reach
  3. Brain Scan
  4. Blood on the Moon

All songs by Edge/Creed
Produced by Damon Edge, co-produced by Helios Creed

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