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No Humans Allowed

Released 1982
Expanded Music (Italy)
Cat. No. EX 40

...and as part of The Chrome Box

Re-released 1990
Dossier Records (Germany)
Cat. No. DLP-8

Re-released (?) on CD
Dossier Records (Germany)
EFA# 074982 
(not sure if released)

No_Humans_Allowed.jpg (33848 bytes)
This album is practically a compilation of sorts:  Dangerzone and In A Dream from the Inworlds 12", Informations from the flip side of the New Age 7", and all of the Read Only Memory EP.  But wait there's more, an unreleased track, The Manifestation.

I believe that this was released concurrently as part of The Chrome Box, and as a separate LP on the Italian label, Expanded Music.  I know of no copies on the Siren label.

Of all these releases, the version included in The Chrome Box is easiest to find. 


Side A

  1. Dangerzone [5:25]
  2. The Manifestation (Of The Idea) [3:32]
  3. In A Dream [5:13]
  4. Informations [3:09]

Side B

  1. You Can’t see Them- They Can’t Touch You
  2. Inacontact
  3. Read Only Memory
  4. In Front Of the Crowd
  5. I am the Jaw

(This track listing from the Subterranean Release)

Note that the Italian release has all the side 2 songs lumped together as one track, "Read Only Memory":

No_Humans_Italy_Label.jpg (39257 bytes)Thanks Sacha


Produced by D&H

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