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One Million Eyes

Released ___
Dossier Records
Cat. No. ___

Re-released 1991
w/ Subterranean Modern tracks
and Live in Italy
Dossier Records
Cat. No. DCD 9023 (CD)

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The sound quality on the 'Live in Italy' part is no better than the bootleg.  It sounds as if the material on the CD came from the bootleg record, since vinyl 'pops and clicks' can be heard on the CD.  Note that the last track "Jam 17" is a live version of Planet Strike from Blood on the Moon.

The following track listing is from the CD release:

One Million Eyes

1. One Million Eyes (7.37)
2. Look Back at the Alien (6.22)
3. Looking at You (14.14)

Written & composed by Damon Edge
except "Look Back..." by Damon Edge & Cliff Martin
Published by Chrome Music

4. Anti-fade (3.54)
5. Left my heart in San Francisco (0.28)
6. Meet you in the subway (5.15)

Written, composed & performed by Damon Edge & Helios Creed
Published by Chrome Music

Live in Italy

7. Blood on the Moon (4.58)
8. Inner Vacume (4.00)
9. Armageddon (9.32)
10. Jam 17 (2.22)

Recorded live at the 20th July 1981, in Bologna (Italy)
All songs written and composed by Damon Edge & Helios Creed
Published by Beggars Banquet except "Jam 17" by Chrome Music

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