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Last Updated: Monday, September 08, 2008

Chrome/Helios Creed Tour:  Helios Creed will be hitting the road in September.  Helios shall be joined by Aleph on drums, Lux on bass, and Jerry Page on keyboards/second guitar/metal objects.  Check the Helios Creed site for dates and locations.

Re-Releases:  Noiseville Records has re-issued 3 of the classic Chrome albums:  Alien Soundtracks, Half Machine Lip Moves, and 3rd from the Sun.  They also have some great T-shirts available as well. 

An Apology:  I never mentioned the "Chrome featuring Helios Creed" shows that happened on the west coast, as I had thought they were going to be more of a Helios Creed show.   Much to my surprise, the sets have been about half Chrome and half Helios songs.  Tommy Grenas accompanied Bean, Paul and H for the Oakland, San Francisco and L.A. shows.

Dual Forces DVD:  Paul Della Pelle tracked down the filmmaker of the first Chrome videos.  And from the original masters a compilation of Chrome and Helios Creed videos was born.  More to come...

Ultra Soundtrack verified:  The 7" reel tape that surfaced this last summer has been confirmed authentic.  After much ado I have gotten a glimpse (and listen) of this ultra-rarity.  It is indeed Chrome, with some unreleased tracks as well as alternate versions of songs later released on Alien Soundtracks.  Check the discography for details.

Julian Cope's Chromeology:  Julian Cope has reveiewed a Chrome compilation that he created himself.  Read more at the Head Heritage Unsung "repository for lost and unchampioned rock'n'roll."

Interview with Gary Spain: What began as an interview by Jani HellÚn, ended up as an article by Gary Spain for the webzine  Read it here.

New Album Recorded:  Material for a new album was recorded at The Bubble in Austin Texas on January 20th, 21st, and 25th.  Helios was joined in the studio by Paul Della Pella (percussion), Jeff Pinkus (bass), Jerry Page (guitar), Fabienne Shine (vocals), and  Blair Bovbjerg (theramin).  Helios' recent thinking on the album is that it will be released as a Helios Creed album, not under the name Chrome.  

Helios Creed Auditions/Party/Show In Janyuary: Please visit for the latest Helios hapenings.

New Album from Helios Creed:  If you like the guitar sounds of Chrome circa 1979 - 1982, you're going to love Helios Creed's new album On the Dark Side of the Sun.   The album is currently available for mail-order purchase from staticwhitesound


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