Old Informations


[Summer 2003]

Helios Creed Gigs:  Check out the Helios Creed website for info on the 2003 tour.

[November 2002]

New Releases:  Dossier Records has simultaneously released the latest latest from Chrome and Helios Creed.  Both are available by mail order from the staticwhitesound store



[May 2002 -  November 2002]

It's here:  Angel of the Clouds has arrived in the U.S. and will be shipping on Monday, July 1st.  The CD includes a 14 page booklet with pictures and interviews from the Dossier archives.  The price will be $10 plus a nominal postage and packing fee.  Click here to order.

Angel of the Clouds is anticipated to be ready for shipping on June 15th.  Staticwhitesound is expecting delivery of 100 copies, so please don't try to order it from an on-line megalomart.  Ordering info will be available shortly.


[ January 2002 - April 2002]

Helios added a show in San Francisco at  The Bottom of the Hill for Sunday, April 21st.  Tickets are available through Ticketweb or in person at the Bottom of the Hill.

Helios Creed will be doing a show in Lincoln Nebraska on April 7th.  For more information visit the Helios Creed Website.

The anticipated release of new Chrome and Helios Creed CDs from Dossier Records has been delayed.  Dossier is apparently in need of a distributor.  Until a distributor is found, the releases have been put on hold.

The first quasi-annual Chrome Convention was held on January 17 at the Angel Bar in London's Soho district.  It was attended by Paul, Nick and Joe who proceeded to drink several pints of the house bitter while sharing personal insights and revelations that only the music of Chrome could inspire.  Well, Chrome and perhaps a few shots of Jägermeister.

The discography pages have been updated again, specifically the track listings for the Chromosome Damage bootleg and the legitimate CDs that also contained this live material.

I have found what I think is the first Chrome interview and added it to the clippings archive.  It was published sometime in 1978 in Search & Destroy issue #8, a San Francisco based punk tabloid. 


[ July 2001 - December 2001]

This site has recently changed servers.  If anyone finds anything broken since the move, please email us about the problem and we will attempt to fix it.  

Work has already begun on a Chrome tribute album.  To get involved, join the Chrome discussion board for evolving details.  

I have added subsections to The Chronicles and Read Only Memory.  Links at the top of these pages now point to the clippings, photo, and promotional item areas..

Helios is back on the mainland, and has contacted Buz and Aleph to possibly record some new material. 

staticwhitesound has acquired several reels of master tapes recorded by Chrome from 1979 to 1981.  These are the original 16 track session recordings that eventually turned into Red Exposure and Blood on the Moon.  More on this later...   

[December 2000 - June 2001]

Many changes happening with staticwhitesound as we are now an official "business" and have been dealing with all that being a business entails... what a nightmare! 

Orders are now being accepted for Helios Creed: On Tour 1999.  It is being offered a a reduced price to those that order it before the release date of March 15th.

I added a copy of Chrome's first interview to the clippings section.  Thanks to John Coulthart.

A large number of news clippings regarding Chrome have been added to The Chronicles.  I received these from Simon Dell some months ago and I have finally got around to sorting them all out.  Thanks again to Simon for sharing his great collection. 

The links page has been categorized a bit.

Helios reports that a new Chrome record (featuring Damon Edge on vocals!) is scheduled to be released.  Helios produced the album, using a multitude of tapes recorded by Damon and others.  He says that almost every musician ever associated with Chrome will be on the record.  The bulk of the vocals are Damon reading some of his own poetry.


[September-November 2000]

Helios' mailing address has changed.  I have updated the "Feedback" page.  Sorry to those of you who had letters returned.

There is a "new" Chrome box set out from Cleopatra called Chrome and Friends.  No new material, but it is worth mentioning because it is only $10 and you get 4 albums on 3 CDs.   Also added to the discography are a couple of compilations that I had missed: A Tribute to... Brian Eno and Area 51.

I spoke with Helios last week and he says that a new Chrome album is ready.   If Dossier or Cleopatra don't pick it up, expect to see it available through staticwhitesound in the future.

Some people have asked "where is the info on Helios' new releases?"   Well I have been preparing for a separate Helios Creed site to showcase his       impressive body of solo work.  It will happen within the next couple of months because...

Staticwhitesound will soon be releasing a CD of one of Helios Creed's shows from Spring of 1999.  It will be a complete, unedited performance.  All that needs to be done is to design the cover art...

Buz and Aleph may be doing some recording with Raven from Killing Joke and Reeves Gabrels at the end of September.  Very interesting...  Reeves has done work with a wide range of musicians, most notably David Bowie, and more recently with The Cure and Robert Smith.

Thanks to Simon Dell, I have recieved a bunch of Chrome ads, reviews and interviews from the late 70s and early 80s which appeared in UK music magazines.  At some point I will arrange a clipping gallery for all to see.

New section added "The Need" for some Chrome items available exclusively from staticwhitesound.




[July-August 2000]

Dispite the gloomy posts by Helios on the iMusic bulletin board, turns out that some new material will be released later on this year.  The Deal is in the works.

Pictures from the recent show in Portland added to the FTP archive, courtesy of Roger Nevile-Neil.  The pictures department still needs some work, but for those of you who want to see the band at work and play, pictures are available at ftp.staticwhitesound.com.


[April-June 2000]

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been out and about "touring" (drinking) with another favorite band of mine...

The following was spoted on the iMusic message board.  I will try to get to the bottom of this and find out what really is going on...

Sun May 14 01:16:22 PDT 2000
hi every body chrome might go thru its own personal armagedon but its been saying fuck you to corperations and were not going to stop now so why dont you join us just remember I could have sold out many times but Im still here saying fuck you to budwiser tiket master chilipeppers everclear green day all this repedative diva crap emty tv hollywood and the most hated bacstreetboygirln'STINK crap all for the mindless masses w.e.a. atlantic records exxon and the world bank HELIOS CREED OF CHROME

Fri May 12 23:23:29 PDT 2000
I have some sad news chrome live shall be no more do to lack of tour suport and record company intrest trying to breath life into her was always my dream but now I see it as an unapresheated dinosar it makes me very sad and angry the way music industry works meaningless music is the order of the day for mindless youth there may be one more last record if i could get more funds

Still haven't scanned any of the new pictures or tour posters yet.  Many things to do...

The west coast tour is over, ending with an excellent packed show in San Francisco.  In a few days I will have available autographed, "limited edition" tour posters, as well as singles from three of the touring members of Chrome.

There is still discussion of a possible trip to Japan, although the details are sketchy.  When things are finalized, you'll here about it here first.




[Jan-Mar 2000]

Tour Change: Please note that the Seattle venue has been
changed to Graceland (Formerly known as The Off Ramp).

Tour News: Chrome has booked 4 shows on the West coast in March.   Buz Deadwax returns to replace Nova Cain on guitar.  For details take a trip from Gehenna to Cannan...

New Album: Rodney reports that Helios is finishing up the new Chrome album to be release later this year.

[Fall 1999]

Chrome Photos: Although not yet organized, there are a bunch of photos from Chrome's 1998 tour available for viewing.  Goto ftp://ftp.staticwhitesound.com/new chrome scans/

[Summer 1999]
Helios takes a break:
  Helios has moved back to Hawaii, so it doesn't look like a whole lot will be going on with Chrome in the near future.  But I could be wrong.

[March 1999]
Helios to Tour: 
Helios is going to be doing several shows in the US over the next two months.  Click here for tour dates and locations.

Negativland: Although this is not Chrome news, I would like to note the ongoing work of Negativland, who are curently battling with the RIAA.  Check these guys out.  And if you really like Chrome's early material, you should definately get Negativland's self-titled first album, originally released in 1979.

Engorged With Blood Live Recording:  On April 7th at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.

[January 1999]
New Album  Released: 
Chrome Flashback / Chrome Live is now available from  Cleopatra Records.  This 2cd set is one disc of previously released "best of" and another disc recorded live from last year's tour.

Engorged With Blood Performs:  John (Stench) Hanes'  band Engorged With Blood played at the C&W Saloon in San Francisco on January 29th.  They played songs from their new self-titled CD and also a  a great new song not on the album called The Sauce is the Boss.

Farflung Performs in San Francisco: One of Tommy Cyborg's many projects, the "space-rock" band Farflung performed January 21st at Bottom of the Hill.  Also appearing was San Francisco's Subarachnoid Space.

[December 1998]
Welcome New Member:
Rodney Horihata has joined the Chrome ranks as new bass player.  Horihata is taking over for Buz Deadwax, who has other commitments.

Chrome Works on New Material:  Buz says Helios has the itch to make another Chrome record.  Aleph and Rodney have worked on much material already, as have Tommy and Nova.