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We Are Connected
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Other Chrome/Creed/Edge sites

Martin's Official Chrome Site
French Helios Creed Page (en Franšais)
Aztec Jimmy's Creed/Chrome site
Mark Prindle's record reviews
Alterflow Jukebox (en Franšais)

Interviews and Biographies

Toxic Tommy's Interview w/ Helios
Convulsion Interview w/ Helios
Spectator Online Article
Chrome on UBL (Ultimate Band List)
Roadburn Interview w/ H
All Music Guide @
DAMON EDGE interview by Nez Zendik
Chrome review in The Michigan Daily
Trouser Press
Piero Scaruffi's Chrome Page
Alterflow interview w/ Hilary Stench

Related Band Sites

Anubian Lights
Engorged with Blood
Phased 4░F (Village People version of Chrome)

Magazines and Discussion Groups

Chrome discussion group on
Aural-Innovations (a Space Rock web-zine)
Chrome bulletin board on (formerly
Helios Creed Discussion Group at

Record Labels

Amphetamine Reptile Records
Cleopatra Records
Frank Kozik Resource Center (& Man's Ruin Records)
Dossier Records


Buz's Web-Radio Station - Info about the Moog Liberation