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Tidal Forces
(No Humans Allowed PT II)

Released 6 Feruary 1998
Man's Ruin Records (U.S)
MR 061

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  1. No Humans Allowed Pt II (the Night)
  2. A Parallel Washing (Air & Water)
  3. The Ring Of Fire (Fire and Earth)
  4. Descent Into The Lower Worlds (Level 1, 2 & 3)
  5. Dragon Slayer
  6. The Ring Of Fire-reprise-(A Higher Flame)
  7. Bring 'Em Back
  8. Mountain In The Middle
  9. Fudge Bunny (The Day)
  10. The Fate

Helios Creed...Vocals.Guitar  Sample.Synth  Bass
Hillary Stench...Bass
Johnny Stench...Drums.Backwards Percussion
Tommy L. Sibourg...Keys.Synth
Nova Cain...Guitar
Paul Della Pella...Drums

Produced and Engineered by H.C. at Half Machine Studios

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