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Red Exposure

Released April 1980
Siren Records (US)
(No Siren pressing known to exist)

Beggar's Banquet (UK)

Beggars Banquet (Canada)

WEA 600062 (Australia)

w/ Obi (Japan)

Re-released 1989
Dossier Records (Germany)
ST-4 (EFA 09-7493) clear vinyl

exposure.jpg (175324 bytes)
Beggar's UK release

Beggar's UK misprint(?)

Red_Exposure.JPG (33123 bytes)
Beggar's Canadian Release

Red Exposure_Dossier.JPG (23255 bytes)
Dossier release

Side A
  1. New Age 3:10
  2. RM.101 2:11
  3. Eyes On Mars 3:16
  4. Jonestown 2:30
  5. Animal 2:55
  6. Static Gravity 3:10

Side B

  1. Eyes in the Center 4:06
  2. Electric Chair 4:21
  3. Night of the Earth 4:16
  4. Isolation 4:37

(P) 1980 Siren Records
All written by Edge/Creed
Produced and mixed by Damon Edge
Co-produced by Helios Creed

Picked up by Beggars Banquet and distributed by WEA, Red exposure was released in several countries.  Originally released with color inner sleeve including lyrics and credits.  Australian and Japanese versions are like the Canadian one.  The Dossier release did not have the inner sleeve.  Some copies of the UK pressing were printed without the green ink, most obviously resulting in white text.  It is unknown if this was intentional to mark promotional copies or if it was a mistake. 

Note that an extended version of Eyes in the Center was released on the Industrial Revolution compilation.

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