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Raining Milk

Released 1983
Mosquito Records (France)
MOS 001


Raining_Milk.JPG (12655 bytes)
This was basically a rehash of The Chronicles I, The Chronicles II and the Anorexic Sacrifice single, adding "Raining Milk" as a new song.

Side A

  1. Wings Born In The Night 6:40
  2. Tribes 3:05
  3. Gehenna to Canaan 3:08
  4. Légendes des Fantomes Futures 5:29

Side B

  1. Beacons to The Eye 7:19
  2. Raining Milk 1:54
  3. Annorexic Sacrifice 3:30
  4. Gehenna Lion 5:32


(p)1983 Siren Music
All songs written and composed by Edge/Creed
Copyright Chrome Music SACEM

Recorded at Hyde Street Studios
Engineered by Mark Wallner

Additional players: John Stench, Hillary Stench, Betsy Hill, Fabienne Shine

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