Mission of the Entranced

Released 1990
Dossier Records (Germany)
Cat. No. DLP7556

Re-released 1990
w/ portions of Live in Italy
Dossier Records
Cat. No. DCD 9020 (CD)

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1. We are not Haunted pt 1 (14:57)
2. We are not Haunted pt 2 (2:17)
3. Mission of the Entranced pt 1 (15:23)
4. Mission of the Entranced pt 2 (1:23)

Damon Edge - lead vocals, synthesizers, synhteiszed drums, gong and bass
Cliff Martin - rhythm and lead guitars, synhtesizers, drums synthesizer and bass
Fabienne Shine - backing vocals on "Mission..."
Remy Devilla - additional guitars
Patrick Imbert - additional drums
Pierre Roussel - drone bass

Produced, written and composed by Damon Edge for Siren Records in Los Angeles, 1990. Co-Produced by Cliff Martin.