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Letters to Aliens

Released 1997
Undercover Records
Cat. No. UNCV004 / UNCV006 (CD)


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2 CD Set (each sold seperately).  Each CD comes in sealed envelope with credit sheet, 4 interplanetary postcards, and an intergalactic fish sticker.

Disc 1 (East)

Ashtar Command - Sub Cons and Andrak 4000
Farflung - See You Down There
Helios Creed - Bend Over
Illyah Kuryahkin - Spiderglow
Reservoir - The Omien
Furry Things - The Santa Ana Winds (Knocked Her Off Her Bike)
Space Needle - Report from 'Vaus
Patrick Prophette - Phat Remote Control Car

Disc 2 (West):

The Black Watch - Quasi Stellar Radio Source
Mars Accelerator - 1040 M
Reload - Atari 400
Kayo - Ancestor
Snowmen - Comet
Star Hustler - Send My remains to the Colonies
Kickstand - Flying Saucers are Real
Chrome - Oh Dahmer
Brilliantine - Paranormal Preamble; song #57
Flaming Box of Ants - Dead Astronaut
Roger Nusic - Alien Love
Sister Psychic - Space Boy

Undercover Records

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