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Dreaming In Sequence

Released 1986
Dossier Records (West Germany)
Cat. No. ST 7527

Re-released 1991
w/ Liquid Forest
Dossier Records
Cat. No. DCD 9026 (CD)

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1. Everyone's the same 4.17
2. Seeing everything (Emilia) 4.04
3. Touching you 7.10
4. Windows in the wind 5.56
5. The venusian dance 4.16
6. White magic 0.24
7. Love to my rock (cause of me) 7.02

Produced & written by Damon Edge for Siren, 1986


Note about the vinyl from Lars Tängmark:

I just got a vinyl copy of Dreaming in Sequence, and it seems there are some major differences from the CD edition. These are the specs on the vinyl.  Note that the lengths of the tracks are different than on the CD, and that there is an extra track that is (apparently) not on the CD:

Side 1

  1. Everyone's the same 4:20
  2. Seeing Everything (Emilia) 4:00
  3. Touching You 6:40

Side 2

  1. Windows in the Wind 6:00
  2. The Venusien Dance 4:17 (this strange spelling is on the sleeve, written by Damon!)
  3. White Magic 0:25
  4. Love to my Rock (cause of me) 5:04
  5. She is Here 3:19


Damon Edge - lead vocals, synthesizers
Remy Devilla - guitars
Bab - bass
Plume - drums

Produced by Damon Edge for Siren Records (p) Siren Recotds
All sogns written by Damon Edge. Published by Chrome Music (SACEM).

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