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Chromosome Damage
Bootleg LP

Released 1986
Pentagram Records

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Side 1

  1. [ La Gitana - Aleister Crowley * ]
  2. Perfumed Metal
  3. [ unreleased track ]
  4. Insect Human (We are Connected)
  5. Out of Reach

Side 2

  1. Sun Control
  2. Blood on the Moon
  3. Inner Vacume
  4. Armageddon
  5. Planet Strike (fades out)
  6. [ The Pentagram - Aleister Crowley * ]

"Strictly Limited Edition of 666 Copies"
Recorded live at Bologna Palasport, July 20, 1981
Made in Italy 1986

"Sun Control", is claimed to be a studio outtake from 1976 according to the rear cover, but it sounds to me just like the album version from The Visitation.  The rear cover also indicates that the songs are Perfumed Metal, Innervacuum, 3rd from the Sun, We Are Connected, Shadows of A Thousand Years, Armageddon, and Gehenna to Canaan.  The continuity is broken between all the songs, so it is impossible to tell the actual order of the songs in the performance.

The unreleased track sounds like it might be an early incarnation of Shadow of a Thousand Years.  This same song was played live at the San Francisco show, except that Damon sang some lyrics in San Francisco, unlike at the Bologna performance.

Note that the portions of this concert that were later released on the CD versions of One Million Eyes and Chrome Box came from a copy of this record.  One can hear the surface noise from the vinyl on the CDs.

* These poems written and spoken by Aleister Crowley are likely taken from a 7" released in the late 70s on the UK based Mirambo label.  Thanks to David of Current 93  for identifying these tracks.

Plain orange colored labels
Matrix: D17-A / D17-B

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