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Chrome and Friends
3 CD Box Set

Released September 2000
Cleopatra Records
Cat. No. CLP0919


Chrome and Friends Box.JPG (38301 bytes)
This is an amazingly cheap box set from Cleopatra.  Looks like they are trying to move out old stock that isn't selling.  Either way, for ten bucks you get 4 great albums.

Disk 1: Chrome - Retro Transmission

Disk 2: Helios Creed - X-Rated Fairy Tales & Superior Catholic Finger

Disk 3: "Special Surprise CD"

The box doesn't specify the contents of disk 3.  It just says "Special surprise CD containing more of the friends of Chrome."  The particular CD that came with my set was Pressurehed's Explaining the Unexplained.

All CDs are the standard issue, with a new bar code sticker covering the old one.

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