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3rd from the Sun

Originally Released 1982
Siren Records (US)
Cat. No. DE-SEC-777

Don't Fall Off the Mountain (UK)
Cat No. X18

Don't Fall Off the Mountain (Germany)
Cat. No. BB K 58472

Released 1983
DFOTM/4AD/Polygram (Greece)
X18/58.005 (see below)

Re-released 19__
Dossier Records (Germany)
Cat. No. ______ Clear Vinyl

Re-released 1995
w/ Into the Eyes...
Cleopatra Records (US)
Cat No. CLEO 95332

3rdFromSun_Siren.JPG (36210 bytes)
Siren release

3rd_From_Sun.JPG (38805 bytes)
DFOtM release

Side A
  1. Firebomb
  2. Future Ghosts
  3. Armageddon

Side B

  1. Heart Beat
  2. Off The Line
  3. 3rd From The Sun
  4. Shadows of a Thousand Years

All songs by Edge/Creed
Produced by Damon

Siren and DFOtM releases issued with inner sleeve w/ lyrics.

Siren release has metallic printing on cover.  Promotional copies of the Siren pressing were released with a gold embossed stamp on the back.

There is also a very unusual Greek pressing.  It has the standard Don't Fall Off the Mountain X18 cover, but the label  bears the names 4AD and Polygram.  Both DFOtM and 4AD are affiliated with Beggars Banquet, but it is unknown why this record would be labeled 4AD instead of DFOtM.  4AD does not mention Chrome as being on it's artist roster.

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